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We offer more benefits than anyone else!

We appreciate our clients, and we want to make them clients for life.  One of the ways we show this is by automatically enrolling each and every client into our Loyalty Rewards Program where they earn points for every procedure done with us that they can later redeem, for themselves or others, for future services.    Points never expire and can be used at any time.  You can even gift them!

Loyalty Rewards Program

When you choose us as your service provider, we will thank you by giving you Gift Certificates for you to give away to your friends, family, coworkers, employees, anybody you'd like and we'll enroll you into our Kings/Queens Referral Program.  The program is simple and the benefits can be great (and can add up too).  We will provide you with Gift Certificates for you to give out as gifts to your friends and family.  No strings attached.  It will never cost you a thing to be a part of our program, only benefits are possible by participating.  When they use/redeem them to receive services, they get savings on our services, we get a new client, and you can opt to either get paid in credit for future services with us or compensated ($) for every referral that turned into a customer that you sent us!  Everyone benefits.  It's truly a win-win scenario!  There is no limit to how many Gift Certificates you can have and give out. 

Even if you are not a current or past client of ours, you can join our program.  Just give us a call or send an online request and we will setup you up with FREE enrollment into the program, and we'll provide you with Gift Certificates so you can begin referring and earning credits towards a future service with us or referral bonuses ($).  Individuals and businesses are welcome to join. 

It takes about 1 minute to fill out the form and get started, so what are you waiting for?

To send a request for FREE Gift Certificates online, simply:

  1. visit our Contact Us page and fill out the form,
  2. select the Join King/Queen of Referrals Program option,
  3. let us know where to send your Gift Certificates (fill out the address section on the form),
  4. what name to provide as the Giver on the certificates (this can be your name or your business name -  if this information is not provided it will say it is from the Center For Permanent Makeup)
  5. , and tell us the number of Gift Certificates you would like to receive

We'll be happy to get them right to you.

100% Satisfaction Promise & 1yr of Color Boosts

King/Queen of Referrals Program

- It Pay$ to Participate!

We believe that not just our skill and competency sets us apart from others, but also the way we care for our clients.  We go the extra mile because we care.  After all, our business is built on happy clients and the referrals we gain from them, and we also recognize that if our clients look good then we look good too!  

While most service provideRs will end their relationship with you after the service is done and a sale is made, we keep providing you with valuable support and benefits.  We want to be your provider for life.  That is why we offer touch-ups as needed for the 1st year after your initial permanent makeup procedure (for PMU solid brows, lips, areola)  & we offer you our 100% satisfaction promise to you.  If, for whatever reason, you are unsatisfied with your result, we will do an additional revision for that procedure provider fee free.   ​Only a small supply fee will be collected to offset the consumables cost. 

No one else offers you either, let alone both!

What sets us apart?