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The Link to Cosmetic Surgery and Dermagraphics / paramedical tattoo is a strong one.  Dermagraphics is an excellent post procedure for tattooing Areolas after breast implant placement, reconstruction surgery, after a mastectomy, and for scar camouflage which helps give the breasts a reconstructed and restored look. It is also helpful for those with hypo-pigmentation or hyper-pigmentation skin issues, scars from post-operations and burns, and more.  A consultation with an experienced Permanent Cosmetics technician trained in Dermagraphics can provide the client with information on the cosmetic improvements and benefits of camouflage tattooing available to them. Those with hair loss, hair thinning, or hair transplant patients can also benefit from cosmetic tattooing to cover scars seen in the hairline and to re-pigment the scalp with simulated hair strokes.  Unlike grafted transplanted hairs, simulated tattooed hairs need very little effort to maintain the look.  Granted hairs often required daily used of Rogaine or other hair follicle growth stimulating products to be applied to the head, whereas simulated tattooed hairs only need a color touch-up to maintain the look every few years on average.

Cosmetic tattooing offers individuals the ability to wake up in the morning looking their best and ready to start their day. This is a great benefit to those that have dexterity and motor skill issues, that can come along with age or condition, which has made makeup application difficult or impossible to do on one's own.  This independence and freedom is another of its many benefits.  It is also a great option for those with allergies or skin sensitivities to traditional makeup.  Eyebrows for the thinning brow, eyeliner to accentuate to the eyes, and lips full of color are just some of the benefits it provides these services provide. 

These services are often long lasting, requiring minimal effort to maintain, are relatively safe, and healing time is generally quick.  Because of these reasons and more, doctors often refer their patients to an experienced and skilled Permanent Cosmetics trained specifically in Dermagraphics services to compliment their own services, thus providing their patients with the benefits of both.  This combination often produces a much better outcome than having only utilized having the surgery alone, and having scarring leftover from it even if their post-op body looks better than their pre-op did.

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