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* For option 1: 1-on-1 in person Apprenticeship Training Program, If your state regulations require a certain number of hours or procedures completed, we can accommodate you.  It is your responsibility to know what your state's laws and regulations are and what they require.  If you do not know what these are, we can send you links to resources to help you find out what those are.

Because training is 1-on-1, a 25% deposit is required and payment in full must be made 2 weeks before instruction begins and the remainder must be paid before or on the 1st day Apprenticeship begins).  Course dates are flexible for your convenience.  You can do your apprenticeship training in consecutive days or break it up if you wish as it is self-paced, whatever is more convenient to you.  If you can only do days, evenings, week days, weekends, or any combination of these that are available as we as flexible and willing to work with you.

Here's how it works:

  1.  We have a telephone consultation to discuss your specific interests and needs.
  2.   You sign the apprentice program agreement, pay your deposit, and an apprentice training date is set.
  3.   Educational materials are sent to you for you to get started on before you come to see us & are to be completed at home, at your pace.
  4.   When you arrive, we get your Apprenticeship Registration paperwork notarized
  5.   During training we will supply models for you to work on, at no additional model fee (many places do provide models but at your expense), and we will provide you with the use our equipment and supplies.
  6.   You learn and perform Permanent Cosmetics procedures & complete your apprenticeship.
  7.   You will have an apprenticeship log, document statement, and a Certificate of Completion issued to you.
  8.   You are provided with a starter kit to help you get started on your new career path. (*Starter kit not available to those taking online option/Option2.  This is part of what keeps costs down for option 2.)
  9.   You receive continued phone and/or email support as needed for 1 year after your training as well.

*To get started, or more information, give us a call or email us through our Contact Us page.

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The Center For Permanent Makeup's head Permanent Cosmetics Specialist, Desiree Lauterbach, offers 2 options to learn, covering various aspects of beginning through advanced applications of Permanent Cosmetics and Dermagraphics / Paramedical Tattoo.  This comprehensive study can be done in-studio or at home.  No prior knowledge or experience is necessary to take either.

Option 1 is through our exclusive Apprenticeship Training Program.   This is 1-on-1 training in-person.  * See bottom of page for more details.

Option 2 is an online learning package, which includes self-study with digital materials that are sent directly to your email box.  Once you receive them, they can be viewed online or you can print them out.  This is the same instructional study information given in the 1-on1 program without having to attend.  In addition to this, there is no hands-on work provided by us, however, alternative ways to practice are discussed so you can still get hands-on practice without live models.  This is a great option for those with busy schedules, that like to study independently, or whom have previous tattoo experience that wish to expand their knowledge and services.  No starter package is sent but you will be given a list of items you may wish to get on your own to begin working with.  By offering it in this format, we are able to offer the online/Option 2 package for $1,000 less than Option 1.

  *Coming soon!  If you wish to be notified when it is ready, please fill out the Contact Us page form.

We are not a full time school and do not want to become one.  We are not interested in churning out large quantities of students.  We are a specialty service studio that prefers to keep things small, dedicated to quality, and will only train a few people at a time that we feel are good candidates for the program that we are confident that can become quality industry service providers.  Previous experience not necessary, but a good attitude and willingness to learn a must!

There is a lot to learn, but there is a lot to earn $$$!

How much can you earn?

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