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The Center For Permanent Makeup is not only a specialized provider for Permanent Cosmetics, Medical Tattoo, & Dermagraphics, but also a provider of world-class state-of-the art training in beginning through advanced procedures.

We provide our services at significant savings in exchange for model services & we provide our models everything that our regular fee paying clients receive.   Same Service & Quality, just at a significantly discounted fee to cover costs of Instructor's time & consumables used.

Photos will be taken but personal client information will be kept private.  The technician working on the model may be solely done by the instructor or by the instructor and a trainee under constant close supervision of the instructor as they guide them during the procedure.  The instructor is as your side every moment to procedures are done.

All models receive:

  • A FREE Consultation
  • Pre-Procedure Preparation/Care Instructions
  • Customized Color selection & Design
  • Anesthetic (as necessary)
  • 100% Disposable Supplies Used
  • Procedure Session 1 done
  • Post-Procedure Care Instructions
  • An Aftercare Kit
  • CenterForPMU Reusable Shopper Tote Goody Bag with Thank You items!
  • Follow-up Appointment for assessment & when 2nd Application Session of color will occur (if necessary)                 *This depends on the type of procedure & color retention from the 1st procedure.  Eyebrows, eyeliner, and lips usually require at least 2 sessions, however, some permanent makeup and paramedical tattoo usually require only 1 session.  

​     If a 2nd Session is required, all models receive:

  • Anesthetic for 2nd appointment (as necessary)
  • 100% Disposable Supplies Used for 2nd appointment
  • Procedure Session 2 done 
  • Post-Procedure Care Instructions
  • An Aftercare Kit

If there are no current openings for models, you have the option of paying the normal fee OR being put on our waitlist for the next available model opening.  When a model spot opens up or becomes available, someone will call you to schedule your appointment time for the procedure day.  You may be a model for more than one procedure, and you may receive more than one procedure on the same day if you are a candidate for such procedures, time allows, and if instructor approved.  FREE Consultations are required before any procedures can be done.

MODEL FEE for procedure appointment time and consumables used is:  $100       314-240-1090


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