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  • Blush & Cheek Contour/Bronzer  $450

Blush & Cheek Contouring

If you have not had work done by Desiree, know that you will receive a first class experience with stunning results. As stated, this is your body!  You only have one.  There is no room for compromise when it comes to skill and quality.  That being said, it makes sense to choose Desiree, the area's leading advanced Permanent Cosmetics and Dermagraphics Specialist!

*  Discounts are available as Package Deals when more than one individual service is purchased at the same time.  Just ask, purchase, and enjoy significant savings!

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Permanent Makeup Investment Prices

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Corrective Services

  • Corrective Service/s prices are based on each individual case, but shall not exceed the listed services fees above.
  • Beauty mark, per  $75

Beauty Marks

  • Lipliner Only  $450
  • Lip Blush / Lip Tint  $650
  • Lip, Full Color  $650


  • Eyebrows - Solid Fill/Full, Hairstroke, or 3D Hairstroke  $450
  • Eyebrows, Powder Fill with Hairstroke  $550
  • Eye Shadow   $400 
  • Eyeliner, Upper or Lower Only  $300
  • Eyeliner, Full (Upper & Lower)  $450
  • Eyeliner, French/Halo or Color/Designer  $550
  • Eyelash Enhancement , Upper or Lower Only  $225
  • Eyelash Enhancement, Full (Upper & Lower)  $300