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Cheek Blush and Cheek Contouring is a great way to slim and/or accentuate the natural curves of the face while adding a healthy sun-kissed glow.  Many women apply and wear traditional blush, and bronzer below it, to obtain this effect.  With this procedure, you can have this look all the time rain or shine!  While other providers usually offer these as two separate procedures, we do them as one so you get the benefit of both!

Blush & Cheek Contouring

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Eyelash Enhancement

Lash Enhancement can be a great choice for both men and women that want a very subtle and natural looking way of creating a thicker, fuller lash look to your eyes without the look of wearing makeup.  Not only does this frame the eye, but it also adds appearance of restored youth to the eye area.  Lash enhancement is widely used by models and celebrities.

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Corrective Services

Corrective Services are offered to those that are in need due to having previously received permanent cosmetics procedure/s that are in need of correction.  This may be because they were not properly done, due to the pigments used, time has caused them to change or become faded in color, or because the wearer desires a different look.  This should only be attempted by a Cosmetics Specialist trained specifically in correction.

Beauty marks have been around for centuries to add a touch of class, sophistication, and allure.   They are commonly placed near the mouth, chin, or eye.  Some people opt for more than one.  Many celebrities wear and/or have beauty marks.

Beauty Marks

Full Lip Color is a great option for those that want a full color lip as though they are wearing lipstick 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  The color can be subtle enough to wear just as-is, with lip gloss, or with actual lipstick over it.  Colors can be dramatic or bold too.  You can choose from a number of colors.

Lip, Full Color

Lip Blush / Lip Tint is a procedure that adds subtle color added to the lip that can look similar to colored lip gloss or enhanced natural lip color.  As we age, our lip vermillion fades, but Lip Blush / Lip Tint can bring this color back for a more youthful look.  Lip Blush / Lip Tint provides perfectly shaped lips with a soft, natural color that will restore a more youthful look to the mouth.

Lip Blush / Lip Tint

Lipliner is a good option for those that have an undefined lip line that do not intend to wear anything else over it, or for those that want to keep changing pale lipstick colors or glosses that only wish to wear it so that they already have a predefined lip line for them to stay within when they apply them.  It can also correct broken lip shape definition.  Lipliner can be done in a single color, or with two-tone color effect where the second color offers a graduated ombre effect.


Dramatic or natural, you can use Eyeliner to accentuate the color of your eyes.  Thinner and more natural eyeliner can make eyes look more youthful, and dramatic or thick Eyeliner can really make your eyes pop.  You can choose to have Upper or Lower eyelids done, or both/full Eyeliner done.   You can choose from a variety of different colors, styles, and thickness to create a look as unique as you.


Eye Shadow

Eyeshadow can make a powerful and dramatic statement.  You can use the benefits of eyeshadow to make your eyes look larger, smaller, wider, farther apart, or closer together.  Eyeshadow can make or break your look so it is essential that you apply it properly.
Eyeshadow is so important because your eyes are such a prominent feature.  Many people will notice your eyes first and you can encourage this by using eyeshadow to make your eyes look beautiful and sophisticated.

If eyes are the windows to the soul, then the eyebrows are the frame!  Some believe that not only do eyebrows frame the eyes but the face as a whole as well.  With a nice set of eyebrows, you can define shape, add dimension, depth, and color to compliment your face.  Permanent Cosmetics can improve the look of eyebrows that are irregular, sparse, or even missing.  We will create a set of eyebrows for you that compliment your face shape, and never needs penciling or powdering in.  Beautiful eyebrows can add instant youth to your appearance.


Permanent Cosmetics is a type of tattoo, however, it is very different from traditional tattoo.  Permanent Makeup, also called Cosmetic Tattoo or Micropigmentation, involves micropigmentation of specially formulated mineral extract pigments to be implanted into the skin similarly to tattooing.  This is not a new practice, as it has been utilized for centuries to beautify men and women just as tattoo has.  The difference from traditional tattoo is not only the pigment formulation, and tools, but by the method of color implantation.  For this reason, training is specialized and very different from traditional tattoo as well.

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