Permanent Makeup Course Outline

Why A Career In Permanent Makeup?

  • What are the benefits to a career in Permanent Makeup?
  • How lucrative can it be?
  • What skills, before training, do I need to be successful at it?
  • What to bring with you to your first day of training
  • Resources of where to find some items
  • Why additional training is recommended
  • How training in advanced procedures can help your career
  • Why periodic ongoing/additional training is good for you
  • What additional training should you seek?

Permanent Makeup History

  • What is permanent makeup?
  • The history of permanent makeup
  • Benefits of permanent makeup
  • What are they?
  • Who benefits?
  • Importance of permanent makeup


  • Provider designations  
  • Important industry related terms to know

Overcoming Fear / Tattooing Psychology

  • Tattooing
  • Is it safe?
  • Permanent Makeup/Cosmetics & Medical Tattoo vs Traditional Tattoo
  • Mistakes
  • Relating to clients
  • Strengthening your hand and mind
    • Mental
      • Physical

Precautions & Skin 

  • Universal Precautions, infectious disease control, hand washing techniques, bio-hazardous waste  & waste disposal
  • Bloodborne Pathogens
  • Training Programs (resources)
  • Exposure Control Plan (with sample)
  • First Aid & CPR
  • Training Programs (resources)
  • Skin Anatomy, skin treatment and/or skin infections
  • Skin diseases, disorders, and conditions (including diabetes)

Procedure Area Presentation & Sanitation

  • Space, chair & procedure table setup
  • Lighting
  • Tray setup
  • Forms
  • Patch test supplies
  • Photography equipment
  • Atmosphere/mood of procedure/consultation room/s
  • Importance of using disposable supplies
  • Sterile machine and supply use, sterilization equipment operation and methods, sterilization/disinfection/sanitation methods & techniques
  • Procedure area after use clean-up


  • Machine vs Manual “SofTap” method
  • Which is recommended where & why
  • Types of Manual hand tools
  • Needle types for Manual hand tools

Machine Method

  • Different types of machines
  • Know your Machine
  • Machine Set up
  • Equipment Handling
  • Speed for different procedures (Eyebrows, Eyeliner, Full Lips, Lip Liner)
  • Needle Adjustment for different procedures (Eyebrows, Eyeliner, Full Lips, Lip Liner)


Manual “SofTap” Method

  • How to perform
  • Manual tool options

Needles and Needle Sanitation

  • Needle sizes for different procedures  (Eyes, Brows, Lips)
  • Needle inspection
  • Depth for needle placement indifferent areas of the face & body
  • Proper, Legal Needle Disposal

Skin & Pigment Color Selection

  • How to tell Under Tones vs Skin Tones
  • Cool & Warm Under Tones
  • Neutral Under Tones
  •  Fitzpatrick Skin Color Chart


  • Not all pigments are created equal
  • Traditional tattoo inks/lakes/dyes/pigments vs those made specifically for Permanent Makeup/Cosmetics & Medical Tattoo
  • Recommended pigment types
  • Color Theory & Color Blending
  • Pigment changes in the skin
  • How to determine & match skin types
  • Color migration

Artistry / Measurements

  • Client position
  • Design and/or artistry
  • Creating symmetry
  • Face measurements
  • Eyebrows measurements
  • Framing the eye


  • Importance of anesthetic
  • What type of anesthetic
  • Where to use anesthetic
  • Anesthetic application & timing
  • Pain control training
    • Primary anesthetics
    • Secondary anesthetics

  • Tips
  • Warnings
    • Why you never cover anesthetic on the eyes
    • Why you do not use injectible or dental block anesthetics

Pre-procedure must –know info.

  • Client position on the procedure table
  • Proper stretching of the skin
    • Eyebrows
    • Eye
    • Lips
  • Different needle angles
  • Different types of needle strokes, methods of implanting color, & where they are recommended for use
  • Magnification is recommended and why
    • Needles
    • Procedures

Permanent Makeup Procedures

  • Permanent Eyebrows
    • Learn 2 different ways!
      • Machine method
      • Manual hand tool method    
  • Permanent Eyeliner
    • Learn 6 different ways!
      • Enhancement
      • Bottom
      • Traditional Top
      • Thickened
      • Extended/Winged
      • Extended/Winged Thicker
  • Permanent Full Lip Color
  • Lip Liner
  • Troubleshooting skin that does not want to take color
  • Clinical practice
    • Practice options
      • Paper
      • Practice Faux skin
      • Pig skin
      • Grapefruit
  • Perform:
    • Eyebrows, solid & Manual
    • Eyeliner, top & bottom
    • Lips, full color
    • Lips, liner

Healing/ Aftercare

  • Pre-Procedure Care & Pre-Procedure Care Form Sample
  • Permanent Makeup Aftercare & Aftercare Form Sample
  • Healing Process
    • What to expect the skin to do during this time
    • How long should healing take?
    • What to potentially expect from a client during this time
      • FAQ’s by clients
      • What to do with a panicky client
      • What to do, tell your client if you suspect infection
  • How some colors may change during the healing process (& prior to your follow-up apt.)
    • Black
    • Blue
    • Brown
    • Reds
    • Yellow
    • White

Consultation Day & Procedure Day Step-by-step

  • Your/the technician’s makeup
  • Your/the technician’s attire
  • Space, chair & procedure table setup
  • Proper Lighting
  • Tray setup
  • Forms
  • Atmosphere/mood of procedure/consultation room/s
    • 1st impression
    • Benefits during procedure
  • Consultations
    • Disclosures
      • Permanency
      • Potential Complications
      • MRI disclosure
    • Screening for potential “ideal” or “problem” clients
      • Mental issues
        • Mental State
        • Expectations
      • Physical issues
        • For lip patients, Herpes Simplex/Cold Sores
          • Possible preventive treatments
    • Screening for “other” potential complications
      • Lifestyle/actions that could cause complications
      • What to do if you get a potential client with pre-existing permanent makeup/cosmetics on the procedure area they want you to work on
  • Client FAQ’s
  • Agree to do or say No to performing a procedure
  • Patch test
    • Why do it?
    • How to do it
  • Client Prep
  • Before and after photographs, why & how to take them
  • Procedure performed
  • Scheduling the follow-up appointment
  • Proper after use clean-up & disposal
  • Consultation day checklist
  • Procedure day checklist

The Follow-up/Touch-up Application Appointment

  • The appearance of the procedure area
  • Procedure considerations
  • Possible complications

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Price is what you pay for, Value is what you get! - Warren Buffett

Over the years I have taken many courses in Permanent Makeup and Medical Tattoo, having traveled all over, and having spent 10's of thousands of dollars doing so to learn all the procedures and techniques I know.  I have put together this Permanent Makeup Apprentice Training Program to be comprehensive, covering all aspects of what you will need to know to successfully learn and perform Permanent Makeup.  Take advantage of my many years of training, by getting one of the most thorough educations available here.  Not only will you learn all these topics, but you will assist and perform every procedure listed in the course program outline. 

Beware, that there are many trainers that say they offer training with hands-on training experience, and unfortunately students only find out later after they have paid for & shown up to take their course/s that they end up sitting in a classroom watching Powerpoint or videos, then they end up practicing on a single piece of fruit, pork, or fake skins only.  Some students only get to work on 1 live model at the end of the course where the trainer does the much of work and they assist, doing only a few minutes of work themselves.  These schools then expect the student to  "graduate" with minimal skills and many lack confidence, often due to their lack of hands-on training experience, then to go out into the world and successfully perform these permanent cosmetic procedures on the public.  This is why many "graduated" students then seek out and pay for additional costly training before they begin working.  This might mean that they go through several training programs to get all the information and experience they feel they need before going to work in the real world because they did not get it the first time around.  Do your homework and don't let this happen to you.

If you want real instruction, and not to be 1 out of dozens or more people in a classroom setting, and to receive real applicable skills through instruction then look no further.  You've found it here! 

Option 1:  Hybrid training  Home study & 5 Day In-Studio PMU Training Workshop.  This is by far the most popular PMU program!  This course provides for those whose regulations and/or laws require this.  This course is 100 hours (65 in-studio & 35 home study), with an investment of just $5000, which includes study materials, education, hands-on training experience, live models provided, and a startup kit.  Upon completion, you will also receive ongoing support after you finish the program, you will receive photos for your marketing of you doing PMU procedures, and Before & After Photos of procedures you have performed so you will have an actual portfolio to take with you! 

If you need additional hours, we can arrange that by having you complete additional hours (day rate will apply) performing additional procedures or you may choose to take some or all of the Advanced Courses.

Option 2:  MO RESIDENTS Apprenticeship:  For those looking to fulfill the Missouri state regulation regarding (300) hours & (50) procedures, you may wish to take the Basic through Advanced program (consisting of both in-studio & home study).  This course covers the above Permanent Makeup Apprenticeship Training Program that covers basic Permanent Cosmetics, and all of the *Advanced Permanent Makeup courses.  This Basic through Advanced Apprentice Training Program is offered at a very low $6250 with included starter kit and machine!  It is truly the most inclusive program available & being offered at a great bargain!

Here's how it works:

  1.  We have a telephone consultation to discuss your specific interests and needs.
  2.   You sign the apprentice program agreement, pay your deposit, and an apprentice training date is set.
  3.   Educational materials are sent to you for you to get started on before you come to see us & are to be completed at home, at your pace.
  4.   When you arrive, we get your Apprenticeship Registration paperwork notarized.
  5.   During training we will supply models for you to work on, at no additional model fee (many places do provide models but at your expense), and we will provide you with the use our equipment and supplies.
  6.   You learn and perform Permanent Cosmetics procedures & complete your apprenticeship.
  7.   You will have an apprenticeship log, document statement, and a Certificate of Completion issued to you.
  8.   You are provided with a starter kit to help you get started on your new career path. 
  9.   You receive continued phone and/or email support as needed after your training as well.

COMING SOON!!!  Option 3:  Fully Online Self-Study "Do it at home" Course Materials is just $3000!   You get the same comprehensive study material/s that you would in Option 1 with all of the need to know information, but you save $ because all materials sent to you are in digital form, there is no starter kit sent (however, you will be told what you may want to have in order to begin so you can build your own starter kit), and there is no model and supply cost for us.  Because this option saves us money, we pass savings onto you.  This is a highly convenient way to learn because you can do it in the comfort of your own home, at any time of day or night whenever you feel like it.  A certificate of completion is provided to those that pass an exam (which you can take open book at home and submit via email). 

If you are interested in this 100% online program, let us know and we will put you down on our contact list to notify when it is launched!

* Please see course outline below for details *

What will I be trained in?  What will I learn?

As you can see, this is extremely comprehensive in instruction on a wide array of topics that you will need to know, and will encounter in real-life while practicing PMU.  Great care, time, and energy was invested into this in order to make sure that the reader, although they may have no prior knowledge or experience, is fully informed about these so that when they encounter them they will already have learned about them so that they can address them properly.  I want you to have both knowledge and confidence when doing procedures.

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