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The decision to get Permanent Cosmetics and/or Dermagaphics can change your whole outlook on life. Getting out of bed every day ready to face the mirror, and the world, can boost your self esteem and confidence.  It can also and save you time and money on daily makeup application, giving you more freedom.  No longer dependent on it, have to check it, or retouch it throughout the day to maintain your looks.  It doesn't wash off if you get wet or rained on.  Permanent Cosmetics, Medical Tattoo, and/or Dermagraphics can be applied to lips, eyes, eyelids, eyebrows, or the whole face, and can even be used to camouflage scars or blemishes and enhance the results of cosmetic surgery anywhere on your body's skin, giving you a refreshed and enhanced appearance. You can even have simulated hair to replace missing lashes or the hair on your head as well. 

To make your Permanent Cosmetics, Medical Tattoo, and/or Dermagraphics procedure as effective, long-lasting and beautiful as possible, it’s important to take care of your skin before and after, and to keep up doing any necessary maintenance appointments.  Various qualities of your skin, including oily or dry skin, tanned skin, scar tissue, sun exposure, topical applications, hormones, medications, previous cosmetic procedures, & more can affect the ultimate results. The unique cosmetic services at the Center For Permanent Makeup include a deep knowledge of different skin types and conditions to ensure the best results possible for each individual client, but all clients can benefit hugely by following a strict skin care regimen in the time directly before and following your procedure as it dictates in the Before and After Care Instructions (given in office to client).  In order to achieve the best possible results, it is vital that these important skin care instructions are followed as they are specifically designed to aid in the proper healing and best possible results of Permanent Cosmetics, Medical Tattoo, and/or Dermagraphic procedures.

The #1 thing you need to do is… 
NOT choose a Permanent Cosmetics technician Based On Price.  Permanent Cosmetics can range in prices from $250-$1500 per procedure, and there is a very good reason for this.  Never choose on price alone, rather on the competency and skill of the Permanent Cosmetics Technician.
  Bargain basement prices are usually reflective of someone trying to make money by merely booking & doing as many procedures as possible.  They are most often concerned with quantity over quality, and when it is going on your body you want the peace of mind in knowing you are getting quality service from a technician willing to take their time to do it right, not rushed.  Be especially wary of those using promotional bargain websites with huge discounts for services, such as 50% off or more deals in order to make prospective clients feel the need and urgency to snatch up these deals before they expire or they risk missing out on some great deal for cheap.  Often times they are no deal at all.  There is a reason why sometimes they seem to be too good to be true.  Cheap doesn’t always mean good value for what you pay.  For instance, if a person advertises they make $400 per procedure but is offering a promo deal price with this advertiser website for it now only being $150, they will likely have to pay them a split fee to show that deal ad there to their customers.  That means out of the $150 they may get to keep about $75 of that.  After $25-$50 in supply fees to perform the service (not taking into consideration their overhead and taxes), that person may only take home a few dollars.  In a desperate attempt to make as much money as possible, these people sell and do as many procedures off those sites as they possibly can.  Unfortunately, they are usually booked solid back-to-back for weeks or months trying to fulfill those vouchers so their quality of work often suffers because they are just trying to crank them out a quickly as possible.  Many technicians make the mistake of doing this back to back with as many promo deal advertising websites as they can because they don’t understand marketing to get clients, and they are desperate to keep some money coming in.  Unfortunately, they usually end up burnt out, or pushed out of business due to all the unsavory reviews they can get as a result of the quality of their work suffering from the break-neck pace they often find themselves working in in order to keep fulfilling the services they sold (through having offered their promo deal vouchers in the first place).  This can become a viscous cycle if they aren’t careful.  Sometimes, this isn’t always the case.  There are some technicians that will only offer these deals once in a great while (so as to get free advertising to a large audience of new prospective clients), but they gain the majority of they clients from other means.  To find out who does this or not, you can do a quick Internet search with their name and/or company name, you can call these technicians and ask them and see if they tell you (and hopefully they will honestly answer), or you can call and ask the promo deal website’s customer service phone number to see if they will let you know if they have run ads for them before and how many times.  Often, they will flat out tell you, “Yes, they do it all the time". 

*** No matter how you find your Permanent Cosmetics technician, do your due diligence and research them thoroughly.  Permanent Cosmetics & Medical Tattoo is considered permanent, and on your body, so when choosing a Permanent Cosmetics technician, make sure you choose the technician that you feel most confident about being able to perform the procedure you are seeking getting done.  They may not be the cheapest, the best often aren’t, but the additional investment is often worth it.  Prices can be generally reflective of experience, education and training, and demand for their services, so keep this in mind.  Not all technicians are the same.  Remember, whomever you choose, this person/technician is going to be permanently tattooing your face and/or body, so pick wisely by making an informed decision (not by making an impulsive deal buy).  You’ll thank yourself for it.

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