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Microblading Courses

Right now there has never been a better time to enter the field of Permanent Cosmetics.  Since celebrities and others alike have raved about the beautifully natural results Microblading can offer, the demand for this procedure has only gone up and up the past few years, and there seems to be no end in sight!

While the restoration or beautification of someone's face can feel rewarding in itself, this can also be a very lucrative career.  Our courses are designed with the complete novice to microblading in mind.  We take you step-by-step on how to prepare your station and client, but also on record keeping, color theory and corrections, pain control, and ways to aid color retention, how to do a followup appointment with various heal results and how to approach them discussed, and much more!  A deluxe starter kit, with one of the industry's highest quality pigment lines and various tools, is provided.  We only use the best quality so as to obtain the best possible results, and we pass that ideal along to our students as well.

Microblading is the art of using a blade consisting of many needles to implant pigment into the skin by dragging it the proper depth, and at a proper angle, with proper pressure to create natural looking simulated hair strokes to the eyebrow area.  This is a multistep process which always requires at least one follow-up appointment.  Microblading is ideal for those that need anything from a few missing strokes applied so as to fill in existing sparse eyebrows, to recreating a complete set of hair simulated eyebrows!

Shading is ideal for people with Microblading or eyebrows that only need or want a bit of color so the brow appears more colorful and fuller.  For those with pre-existing permanent eyebrows, scarring, or pitting of the skin, shading can combining Shading with Microblading can help camouflage these issues.  Our 1 day class is for the recent graduate or professional Microblader or Permanent Makeup Provider in mind.  This one day course teaches how to do Powder shading on the whole eyebrow and how to do the popular Ombre look.  This course is taught with hand tools.  1 Day In-Studio Course with Certificate and basic starter kit $1000.

All Microblading & Shading courses are Hybrid Courses, which mean that once you pay your 25% total course fee deposit to reserve your spot in the course, you will receive your digital materials to begin at-home study.  It is important that the at-home portion of study is done prior to the in-studio class starts.  This is so that we can do more hands on and less lecture during our time together.  Full payment for the remaining balance must be paid by Cash or Chasier's check (made payable to the instructor, Desiree Lauterbach), before the start of the firsst day of the hands-on training workshop.  The hands-on training workshops are 2 days for Microblading and for Microblading & Shading (full powder brow shading & Ombre styles), and the Shading course is 1 day long.  Models are provided. 

* HANDS-ON WITH MODELS:  You will be expected to do work on live models, including a start to finish procedure!  Most trainers do not offer this, instead offer a few minutes of hands-on time tracing only.  You will watch as the instructor does a procedure, you will trace some strokes, and then you will perform a start to finish set of eyebrows.  You will be supervised closely, 100% of the time, and guided through the process.  You MUST have your Blood Borne Pathogens Certification OR you must complete it In-Studio prior to doing any hands-on procedures.  If done In-Studio, this will reduce your hands on time.  The Instructor Provider at the Center For Permanent Makeup, Desiree Lauterbach, is a Certified Instructor in BBP and can certify you.

Reservation deposits for training must be paid no later than 2 weeks prior to training start date.  Keep in mind, however, that we have limited spots available and they won't last forever!  Class sizes are limited to 1-on-1 or a small group when taught in-studio or for training tour workshops.

Microblading or Microblading & Shading 2 Day In-Studio Class  $2500

You will receive:

  • Pre-Course study work

Covering topics such as:


Pain Control

Who is a client, who is not, & why

Color theory


Different skin or other issues that cause color retention problems and how to address them

Different blades and when to use them (we will cover slant, U, arch, double row, & round)

Client Issues

Business Setup

Business Licensing


Tray setup

Brow Mapping

Proper Brow shapes for face shapes

Client forms

Patch Testing

Taking photos

Client records

Marketing to get clients

& Much More!

How to do a Microblading Procedure (with handy checklist)

How to do a Follow-up Procedure & Troubleshooting common healing issues

  • Deluxe Starter Kit:
    • 1x Fibinacci Golden Mean Ratio Divider Brow Mapping Caliper Tool
    • 2x Waterproof pull Eyebrow pencils
    • 1x Utility Blade Knife
    • 2x Autoclave / reusable Microblading Pen Tools
    • 10x disposable Eccentric Disposable Microblading pens with blades
    • 10x Disposable Classic Disposable MIcroblading pens with blades
    • 50x 1-time use blades
    • 1x Hand-held mirror and compact
    • Brow grooming tools (several)
    • Eyebrow brushes
    • Microbrushes
    • Pigment mask applicator brushes
    • 1x set of 6 level tattoo skin
    • Tracing paper
    • 4x Large Double-sided tattoo practice skins
    • 4x Medium Double-sided tattoo practice skins
    • measuring skewers
    • 1x Notebook, 2x pencils, 2x pens
    • Pigment cups, medium size
    • Pigment cup rings
    • Aftercare ointment packets
    • A complete set of Minx Mogul Microblading Pigments (All Six of their colors and their modifiers too!)
  • Client Forms (can be personalized for you to use & give to your clients)
  • Microblading Pre-Procedure Care Instructions (can be personalized for you to use & give to your clients)
  • Microblading Aftercare Instructions (can be personalized for you to use & give to your clients)
  • Professional Certificate
  • On-going Lifetime Support

No one else offers you all this!

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