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The following are the disclosures of the Center For Permanent Makeup:

  • At the time of booking your FREE* Consultation appointment and procedural appointment/s your credit card information may be taken.  In the event that you do not show for your appointment, or that you arrive 15minutes or more after your appointment time it may be too late to do your appointment in your given time slot for your procedure and if so, you will incur a $100 fee for a missed appointment to compensate the technician and/or the Center For Permanent Makeup for their time.
  • You Must give the office of the Center For Permanent Makeup 48 hours or more notice to reschedule or cancel any FREE* Consultation appointment or procedural appointment.  Failure to do so will result in a $100 charge to your credit card.
  • Due to the nature of services provided (time, skill, and consumable products), there is a no refund policy.  I charge for these (time, and consumables used), not services.
  • You must be the legal age of 18 years old or older and provide a photo ID in order to receive our services.
  • Permanent Cosmetics and/or Dermagraphics are to be considered the permanent application of pigment into the skin, and may or may not be removable.
  • Although every effort is made to produce the best possible results, the Center For Permanent Cosmetics and/or its technician/s cannot make any guarantee.  Results are dependent of many factors which can include the skin's age, texture, absorbency ability, different colors which may last longer than others, hormones, client care instructions followed, and more.  The technician nor the Center For Permanent Makeup take any responsibility for these.
  • All Pre and Post- Procedure Care instructions Must be followed by client.
  • You Must do your follow-up appointment, if you choose to have a color boost done and if it is deemed needed by technician, you agree to have it done at that time.  Although every effort will be made to get in as much color as necessary during your first procedure, Permanent Cosmetics & Dermagraphics are often done by multi-layering of pigment to obtain the best possible results.
  • Additional sessions of Permanent Makeup & Dermagraphics may be done: 4 weeks after previous procedure for Permanent Makeup & 4,6, or 8 weeks after previous procedure for Dermagraphics (depending on procedure & expected heal time).
  •  All procedures that the technician deems need a 2nd session, come with a free 2nd session to be done between 4-12 weeks after initial session.  This to assess healing and progress, and to come up with a procedure plan, if client wishes to receive additional services or color added.  Client is obligated to do this second procedure if the wish to have/purchase additional services and/or have additional color added, however, If they do not then technician is under no obligation to do 2nd session merely to assess.
  • Dermagraphics / Medical Tattoo are corrective & restorative in nature and will require several sessions to obtain desired results.  Therefore, they are done on a pay as you go basis or may be purchased at a discounted rate in a package.
  • Permanent Cosmetics & Dermagraphics is a 4 Part Process which requires not only proper procedures being followed by your technician, but your involvement is critical as well in the success of obtaining the best possible results and ensuring your health and safety. Part 1:  Pre-Procedure Care Instructions Are Followed Part 2:  Procedure Is Performed Properly Part 3:  Post-Procedure Care Instructions Are Followed Part 4:  Follow-up Appointment To Assess Healing & Touch-Up (as needed).