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Skin Rejuvenatation Through Collagen Induction Therapy, also known as Microneedling or Dry Needling, is a centuries old treatment that has been used worldwide.  Over the course of the last few decades, the demand for this service has taken off, and for good reason.  The way it works is a tiny needle or needles are used and penetrate into the dermis.  This stimulates the body to produce collagen and new skin cells which naturally restores the skin.  This is a great option for men and women that want a more youthful look or clearer even skin tone without subjecting themselves to the use of often expensive and harsh and/or potentially damaging chemical or acid peels, lasers, dermabrasion, or facelift procedures.  Recovery time is usually quick and results are usually noticeable soon after treatment.

Microneedling can be used for:

  • Wrinkles- Face, Lips, Body
  • Acne or Trauma Scarring
  • Stretch Marks
  • Sun Damage to Face and Chest
  • Neck Wrinkles
  • Improving skin texture
  • Cellulite
Skin Rejuvenation Through Collagen Induction Therapy / Microneedling / Dry Needling

Many men and women have thinning or missing hair.  There are limited options for treatment, many of which are expensive and/or require regular ongoing care to maintain.  Some options are only good short term because once you stop treatment and/or use of their products, your look goes back to the way it was before you started.  So why not invest in something that lasts?  For those that don't have or want to spend so much money, or have to invest in and become dependent on products, lug them around to use them, or spend lots of time doing the prescribed maintenance regimen to keep up the look of restored hair, Simulated Hair Restoration is an excellent option.  Once done, the look can last for many years.  Like a traditional tattoo, the only maintenance you may wish to do is a touch-up of color to refresh its look every so many years as desired.

Simulated Hair Restoration

Simulated Eyelashes are a great option for those with Alopecia and eyelash hair loss due to other factors or conditions that affect the ability to grow them.  Simulated eyelashes are permanently applied to the skin to provide the look of a natural lash.  No one will likely know they aren't real eyelashes unless you you point it out and tell them!

Simulated Eyelashes

Over time, most women experience fading of the Areolas of the breasts.  After breast augmentation, reconstruction, or reduction surgeries there can be surgical scarring left on the Areolas.  For Breast Cancer survivors  that have undergone a Mastectomy procedure, whether or not they have prosthetics/implants for breasts, they no longer have Areolas or nipples of the breast.  This can leave them feeling incomplete, embarrassed by their body, and unable to feel good in their own skin.  It can even affect their confidence and self esteem.  Whatever the reason for pigmentation loss of the Areolas, for both men and women, Dermagraphics is a great option that can restore them to a more complete and youthful look.

Our head Permanent Cosmetics Specialist is a Pink Provider that offers FREE* provider services to any woman that would like Simulated Areola Reconstruction services.   The only fee that applies is a minimal tray fee.

Simulated Areola Reconstruction

Countless people have gone out and gotten a tattoo.  For many the charm of that said tattoo has been lost, and they regret having gotten it.  Unfortunately, there are only a few options on how you can remove a tattoo.  There are scrubs, chemicals, surgical procedures, and lasers, but all of these carry a chance to scar or affect the pigmentation of the person receiving these treatments.  Not only this, but they are often very expensive too.  Our treatment for removing a tattoo is to conceal it.  By using corrective colors and specialized techniques, we can provide results just as good if not better than traditional tattoo removal techniques with our Tattoo Camouflage service.

Tattoo Removal Through Camouflage

Skin Pigment Camouflage is widely used by people with birthmarks, Vitiligo, and other skin pigment issues to restore a natural skin pigment look to their skin.  No longer do you have to feel self-conscience because they feel as though others may be staring at these areas of skin.  We want you to feel good in the skin that you are in, and look your best, and for skin pigment issues Skin Pigment Camouflage is a great option.

Skin Pigment Camouflage

Scar Camouflage can be a very positive experience.  Many people have experienced an injury or a surgery only to come away from it with a permanent blemish on their skin in the form of a scar.   Sometimes these scars affect them emotionally because every time they see it they become self-conscience about how it looks.  Scar Camouflage can restore your skin to an even look by blending in pigment to conceal it.  If the scar is raised then Microneedling can be used prior to camouflage to relax or smooth the area.

Our head Permanent Cosmetics Specialist is the founder of the Patriot Project which provides FREE* provider fee services of Scar Camouflage for active duty and veteran men and women of the United States military.  The only fee that applies in a minimal tray fee.

Scar Camouflage
 Dermagraphics, Micropigmentation, paramedical are terms that can be interchangeably used to describe medical tattoo.  This might include, but is not limited to, procedures that are more paramedical or corrective in nature, such as: scar or lack of pigment camouflaging, camouflage of missing or receding hair by means of simulated hair strokes, tattoo Areola reconstruction by specialized pigment simulation technique, tattoo concealment by camouflage, microneedling scar relaxation and collagen stimulation therapy, cleft palate camouflage and facial feature enhancement of the mouth area, and the tattooing of simulated eyelashes. The Center For Permanent Makeup is the area's specialized permanent cosmetic makeup provider offering medical tattoo in St Louis, MO. 

Our office offers the following Dermagraphic procedures:

Dermagraphics / Medical TattooServices in St Louis, MO