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SMP / Scalp Micropigmentation  $500

This procedure is growing in popularity and in demand as a solution to hair thinning and loss, and for scar cover-up after someone has undergone a hair grafting procedure.  It can be a good option for men & women that have thinning our missing head hair and wish to create a fuller, more youthful look.  In our training, we go over the needles, pigments, patterns of hair thinning and loss, how to address them correctly, how to work with scar tissue, marketing, and more!

NOTE:  If unsure what course/s you should take, just give us a call.  We'll talk about what experience you have (if any), what it is that you would like to learn and do, and discuss options with you.  Feel free to ask as many questions as you like.  We're glad to be of assistance.

We offer a discount when more than 1 course is taken.

Medical Package - 5 courses at a great price!

Our Medical Package is offered to those that wish to know all the aspects of medical tattoo at the same time at a reduced price of just $2950.  By taking advantage of this Package, and taking all 3 courses of study at once, you save!

This is a comprehensive 5-in-1 course covering topics such as Vitiligo, Simulated Breast Areola Reconstruction, Scar Camouflage, Color Theory & Corrections, & Dry Needling/Microneedling!  This is a MUST if you desire a all inclusive course in Paramedical / Medical Tattoo.  Topics also discussed will be special considerations such as working with implants and thin or scarred skin.   *Beware that most places that offer paramedical tattoo instruction often charge as much for this or more while  teaching you one only technique (either Areola or scar camouflage) then sell you the additional courses at additional cost so you can learn the other techniques needed to compliment each other during procedure so as to best serve your client.  Here, you get all 5 paramedical/Medical Tattoo specialties at one amazing price!

It is comprehensive and inclusive of everything you need to know to in order to perform the following:

  • Color Theory & Corrections
  • Dry Needling/Microneedling
  • Vitiligo
  • Simulated Breast Areola Reconstruction
  • Scar Camouflage

Advanced Package - 5 Courses, fantastic deal!

For those wanting to take just the core Advanced Permanent Makeup courses, we offer the Advance Package which offers all 5 core advanced courses for Just $3500, at significant savings! 

Our Advanced Course Package includes:

  • 3 types of ways to perform advanced eyebrow techniques:
    • Hairstroke eyebrows
    • 3D Eyebrows
    • Powder fill Eyebrows with hairstrokes
    • Ombre shading with hairstrokes
  • 2 ways to perform advanced eyeliner techniques:
    • Designer - which offers endless possibilities
    • Halo/French Style
  • Beauty Marks
  • Lipliner, Ombre (2 Color blend)
  • Lip Tint/Lib Blush & The Perfect Pouty Lip

To get started, give us a call or click on Contact Us, fill out the form, and select the

"I am interested in the Training Program" option.

Courses that have an * (asterisk) are included in the Basic through Advanced Program.

Upon course completion a certificate of completion shall be issued. For those that complete a package program of bundled courses, shall receive certificates for all included courses topics.

Simulated Eyelashes   $750

Simulated Eyelashes are great for people with Alopecia, for those that have lost their lashes long term or permanently due to chemotherapy or radiation, because of hormone therapy or thyroid disease, or for those that experience trichotillomania (which is a condition which causes people to pull out their own body hair, often causing patches of sparse or missing hair).

CIT/ Meso/ Dry Needling / Microneedling  $750

This 2-in-1 course will cover how to perform manual Derma Rolling and Machine Dry Needling / Microneedling.  These techniques can provide amazing results for scar relaxation and skin rejuvenation by stimulating new skin cell growth and Collagen Induction.  This means of skin rejuvenation is gaining in popularity because it can help the skin repair itself due to sun damage spots, acne scarring, trauma scarring, cellulite, stretch marks, wrinkles, and much more!  This is a fabulous course for anyone looking to learn a new procedure that can offer a multitude of services to perform!  Often Microneedling may be needed prior to scar camouflage services.

Color Theory & Corrections  $750

This is a 2-in-1 course.  This is a MUST KNOW for performing Corrections.  Anyone interested in performing corrections in Permanent Makeup/Permanent Cosmetics or performing Medical Tattoo needs to learn and know proper Color Theory, color blending and dispersion, how to analyze the current color, how to neutralize unwanted colors, understand how certain colors can change in skin during the healing process, and how to pick and add the desired color/s.  If you are considering adding either Correction or Medical Tattoo services to your business,if you are interested in how to correct previous PMU, or simply how to avoid color changing over time, then this course is highly recommended.

Cheek Blush & Bronzer  $750

Cheek blush & Bronzer are great for anyone, man or woman, that wants that healthy sun-kissed glow year-round.  Learn how to do this procedure in both Machine & Manual methods.  This is a semi-permanent procedure often lasting only up to 6 months- a year.  This procedure is catching on like wildfire, and with good reason.  The results can be very natural looking.  Truly set yourself apart from the competition by offering this service.

*Lip Tint / Lip Blush & The Perfect Pouty Lip  $750

Learn how to perform a more natural lip enhancement look with Lip Tint / Lip Blush.  Want a natural and more youthful look to your lips?  If so, then this is the course for you!

Learn how to create bigger, poutier looking lips without making it look overdone with our easy to do techniques.  This is a great option for women with thin lips or those that just want fuller lips, without the hassle or pain of costly dermal filler injections.  Many women get their lips done over and over with fillers, each service injection visit often costing them as much or more than the average price of a Permanent Makeup Lip procedure, so why not offer these women a permanent solution?

*Lipliner, Ombre (2 color blend)  $750

The most popular lipliner I know of is not the standard stand-alone liner, but the Ombre (2 color blended) liner.  This consists of 2 colors that are chosen to compliment the other in different parts of the lips, and the techniques that are used to create a graduated blend of color onto the lips.  This creates a more natural looking lipliner.  If you do lipliner, then you don't want to miss this!

*Beauty Marks  $200

Beauty Marks, done correctly, can be a relatively quick and easy procedure to perform, however, done incorrectly can look fake and stuck-on.  Learn how to do beauty marks that look nice, natural, and complimentary.

*Advanced Eyeliner, Halo/French  $750

Eyeliner enhancements are gaining in popularity as they add more dimension to the eye.  In fact, when most clients come to see me for eyeliner they usually request Designer multicolor eyeliner.  Learn how to do Designer multicolor eyeliner & Halo/French Eyeliner for your clients.  Offer more options and expand your services with this valuable training.  Once you know how to do this, you can offer endless options!

Advanced Eye Shadow with Eyeliner - Smokey Eye, Butterfly (both taught with wing)  $750

Eye Shadow can be done very naturally or with a makeup look.  It can add subtle or noticeable color to bring attention to the eye.  Single color or multiple "butterfly" effect can be accomplished.  Set yourself apart from the competition with this new skill set.

*Advanced Machine Hairstroke & 3D Hairstroke Eyebrows With Shading  $3000

Consistently, my most requested procedure is Eyebrows.  The most popular permanent makeup eyebrow procedures requested is Hairstroke Eyebrows & 3D Eyebrows because these procedures produces strokes that imitate real hairstrokes of the brow. #D brows is creating more dimension through use of various pigments,  Knowing these procedure can help you meet the demand for this highly sought after procedure.  Taught by both manual & machine method.

Powder Fill shading or Ombre shading with Hairstrokes is a procedure that is becoming more and more popular.  Powder fill gives a "fade" of a color brow  with hairstrokes put on top of this.  This is good balance between the solid brow and the traditional hairstroke brow.  Ombre brows is a powdering effect where there is gradient color saturation in the shading from the tail end, where it is strongest, to the bulb where it is almost graduated out.

Learn how to use stencils, hand draw, learn shapes for the face, symmetry, and measurements to creates these lovely brows.

For those that have mastered the fundamentals of Permanent Makeup, whether with us or elsewhere, you may feel the desire to expand you knowledge of procedures so that you can offer more services to your clients, and thereby expanding your income as well by doing so.  If you have taken time off from working within the field, you may lack some confidence and feel that you require a refresher course.   No matter what the reason, we are here to help.  You may take more than one Apprenticeship course.  A 10% loyalty discount is offered to those that successfully complete our Permanent Makeup Apprenticeship Training Program.

Advanced Permanent Makeup & Medical Tattoo Courses